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MMXII, te anathematizo

SOOOOOO, are there plans "afoot" for New Year's Eve? I ask because I would like to perform some kind of ceremony in which I shake the foul, stinking, possibly carcinogenic dust of 2012 off my shoes, perhaps whilst drinking sparkling wine.

In other news, like mid-80s Ethiopians, the greatest gift I got this year was socks. I am wearing them now. Very comfy.


28th Dec, 2012 16:53 (UTC)
I borrowed a guitar from Ali's daughter Chess. I don't know what it is, but it has THREE DIALS and a little lever that clicks into about five different positions, so it must be an AWESOME guitar.

I didn't take a close look at your cable. Mine has a big mono headphone jack at one end and a USB at the other. Near the USB end there's a wossname. Plastic enclosure, presumably containing technology which ensures you can only use genuine cables.

I must warn you that Jo wants to play her new Trivial Pursuit game too. I've successfully avoided it so far, but I don't think I'll make it all the way to Near Year.
28th Dec, 2012 18:07 (UTC)
I also have an electric guitar, but I assume 3-player is beyond our current state of technology.
28th Dec, 2012 18:17 (UTC)
It doesn't look like three player is an option. However, the limiting factor is the £20 anti piracy Real Tone cable. And possibly the USB socket count on the PS3. Have you played this game at Peets?
28th Dec, 2012 19:48 (UTC)
Mine is a Squier Strat, basically this one:


... only I took the tremolo arm off because on these cheapo guitars they're worse than useless. I'm not sure the RTC uses any encryption since I understand it can be used with software amps other than the one built it to Rocksmith, so possibly a third party one would work. (Which I suppose would suggest they're all the same so a PC one should work OK on the PS3.)