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On Barm's Annual Age Increase


He has a son who
Once vomited in Fuji.
I didn't like that.


His dad's confused for
Popular Python John Cleese.
You never realised?


His daughter can stand
And utter some words as well.
Humans: bloody hell!


His friend called Jonjo
Is out of Haiku ideas.
So happy birthday.


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10th Mar, 2013 12:52 (UTC)
Thanks Jonj, and thanks also for refraining from discussing my death in any way!

You may know this, as your dad's a big fan of the Spanish. What is there to do in Barcelona, apart from seeing Gaudi's cathedral?

Edited at 2013-03-10 12:52 (UTC)
10th Mar, 2013 13:17 (UTC)
Who's going? I'm not sure if my dad has been to Barcelona. Luckily, though, I have been several times, and can therefore offer the following advice:

It's a Basilica and Expiatory Temple rather than a cathedral, but do it anyway. Also, do the actual (medieval) cathedral in the gothic quarter. And the gothic quarter in general.

Beaches: I guess Barceloneta is the main one. I vaguely remember a restaurant that does nice rabbit somewhere near there.

Get the funicular up to the Olypmic village, and admire the view. Seriously good view.

Go to the massive indoor market and admire the hugely expensive hams. And odd sea creatures that they eat there.

Have 1-litre beers on Las Ramblas. And tapas. Walk up and down Las Ramblas many times. Admire the African prostitutes.

Have absinthe in a bar with a Dutchman (not sure which bar, but that's a thing I did with Dan when we went once).

The Picasso museum is seriously brilliant. It has my favourite painting by Picasso in it, the name of which I can't remember, but I have a postcard of it somewhere. It's of some aristocratic woman.

There is a Roman history museum, if I remember rightly, which was also good. You walk on glass above the excavated remains of the Roman settlement.

See a football match.

Speak Spanish if that's all you can manage, but remember that the local language is Catalan. Do not call Barcelona a Spanish city. That will go down badly. It's very much like Amsterdam, in that it's an international city.

Lots of other Gaudi stuff in and around Barcelona - definitely go to Park Güell. It's like Disneyland for people who appreciate mentalist architecture.

Hotels are expensive, but you can stay in pensiones just off Las Ramblas for an absurdly small number of euros. You probably need to be able to speak Catalan or Spanish to deal with them, though.

10th Mar, 2013 18:58 (UTC)
Thank you Jonj! Jo and I may be going next month, depending on whether there's any money left in my bonus after MOTing, servicing and insuring the car. I especially like the idea of admiring African prostitutes. I asked mostly for Jo's benefit, because she's the one who wants to go but doesn't really know what to do there.
10th Mar, 2013 13:57 (UTC)


Hello, the Barm! My name is Lara Croft!
You know, that chick who often raids in tombs
And has a small non-zero set of wombs.

Your birthday? Yes, I heard about that date.
But I was just too busy killing men,
Endangered creatures, plus a friendly hen.

My life was pretty bad, despite my skills,
Like finding switches, keys, and violent guys,
But more importantly a bra my size.

At last I 'scaped from peril, made it home,
My giant mansion waiting. It's not shitty,
But I can't enter, cos it's in Sim City!
10th Mar, 2013 19:01 (UTC)
And thank you Peet too! The new Tomb Raider game is intensely disappointing so far. There have been no puzzles and lots of shooting. Lara has died many many times, because I'm not good at shooting. I even switched the shooty difficulty to "easy" last night and still died repeatedly. Also her boobs are disappointingly proportional. Also the game is absolutely stunning. I don't understand why her house is in Sim City.
10th Mar, 2013 19:23 (UTC)
I am alluding there to the controversy surrounding the latest Sim City game which has always-online DRM and not enough active servers hence many people are moaning about not being able to play it. Tomb Raider sounds to me like this franchise's equivalent of Resident Evil 4, a critical success with massive cross-over appeal that had to sacrifice all the stuff I like to get there.
10th Mar, 2013 21:26 (UTC)
Just wait for the next update of "Roller-skating Aliens". That will be totes amazeballs.
( 7 travesties — Wade in )